Q&A with Tan Chong Koay: What do you think about investing in China?

Invest in China

A question taken from Tan Chong Koay‘s webinar titled Growing Your Wealth Through PHEIM.

Every country has problems. Even the US and Europe have problems, and they have different problems. But you can find good companies in every market. You have them in Malaysia, Europe or in China. It is not good to generalize. China has a huge economy that is still growing. The Chinese market offers investment opportunities.

You can make a lot of money if you pick the right stock in a market. Even in Malaysia and Indonesia, there are companies whose share prices go up ten times. These companies also exist in the US market.
You need to analyze and do your research. It starts with finding your investment formula. My formula is applying knowledge, experience, wisdom, and analyses to help me make more than putting money in a savings account.