Q&A with Tan Chong Koay: Is there potential growth in ASEAN countries?

Is there potential growth in ASEAN countries?

A question taken from Tan Chong Koay‘s webinar titled Growing Your Wealth Through PHEIM.

Countries in ASEAN may have problems here and there, but some companies are undervalued and worth investing in.

At PHEIM, we apply a formula that works, enabling us to outperform the market in the long run. It is not easy because you must work hard to identify the gems among the many stocks in the market, monitor and understand the market movements and conditions, and figure out what others are doing. When a company has potential, you must buy early before the stock price takes off. It is easier said than done.

We are bullish on ASEAN because ASEAN has many good factors going for it, including a large yet young population and productivity, rich in natural resources, and a growing middle class. Now that the region is catching up on technology adoption, ASEAN has even more opportunities.